10 Things I Do to Get out of a Slump

  1. Listen to music:

More specifically, I listen to music that makes me feel nostalgic. Music has a way of transporting you. Listening to music from my childhood (inarguably a less stressful time of my life) reignites my drive. 

2.      Start watching something new on Netflix:

Depending on my mood, this can range from a new, silly show to a serious documentary. Anything that will get the gears turning in my brain will do the trick. 

3.   Pick up an instrument:

I’m not very good at playing many instruments, but learning a new song or starting to learn chords on ukulele forces my brain to concentrate at the task at hand and block out the rest of the world.

4:   Sing:

I am not a very good singer, but belting out random songs on the radio has been a huge stress reliever. This is my go to while I drive to work to energize me.

5:   Read a book:

Opening myself up to a new world in a brand new book never fails to refuel my fire and spark some creativity. 

6:  Eat a snack:

Sometimes all I really need is some brain food, though I do have to be cautious that it doesn’t turn to comfort eating. I try to keep these snacks healthy, like some fruit, to avoid feelings of guilt later in the day.

7. Workout:

Youtube is filled with ten minute workout videos to follow along to. They’re a quick remedy to get your brain and body moving. 

8:   Write:

Sometimes I get stuck in a slump when I have too much on my mind. Journaling can help get everything on a piece of paper and out of my brain. It also forces me to address any issues I am currently facing head-on.

9:  Avoid social media:

While social media has a lot of perks, it has always been a source of stress for me personally. I will scroll through Instagram after finishing a homework assignment or a shift at work to wind down, but seeing the highlights of other people’s lives made me feel like a failure and like I was wasting too much time by relaxing. Avoiding apps like FaceBook, Twitter, and Instagram when I am in a slump helps me avoid these feelings.

10: Talk to a friend or family member:

Even a quick, silly conversation boosts my mood and relaxes me. It reminds me that, no matter what I am going through, I am not alone. It also prevents me from staying in my room alone for too long.

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