Things I Am Looking Forward to After Covid

  1. Going to the movie theater.

There are a couple of movie theaters open in my area with reduced hours, but the films shown are extremely limited due to the lack of filming during the pandemic. I cannot wait until midnight premieres are back for an anticipated film, complete with a line of people, buttery popcorn, and candy.

2. Smiling at people in public.

I hope I am not the only one who has struggled with this, but I feel like I look like a jerk with a mask on. My sleep schedule has been thrown out the window lately, so it seems like I am always exhausted. My tiredness has always shown clearly on my face, so when I am actually happy and smiling at a cashier, it probably looks like I am hating everything about life.

3. Wearing make up.

Yes, I am aware that I still have the ability to wear makeup, but it gets messy and complicated with the face masks. Lipsticks and lip glosses have become a thing of the past and have slowly crept to the back of my makeup bag throughout the year,

4. Trying on clothes in stores.

Personally, I dread online shopping. I love the convenience of it all, but clothes shopping in particular fills me with anxiety. Trying on new clothes used to be a fun weekend activity. Now, I have been avoiding buying new clothes because returning something because it doesn’t fit is just not something I enjoy. (It’s a silly problem, I know)

5. Going to amusement parks.

I MISS summer trips to the amusement park. That’s all.

6. Casually eating in restaurants.

I have been using carry-out services from local restaurants on the occasion that I eat out, but I cannot wait to have an excuse to dress up and go out for a bite to eat. (Or to get frozen yogurt)

7. Going to the gym for a long session.

I appreciate my gym for staying open during the pandemic, but I am the kind of person who likes cardio. Running with a mask on for more than twenty minutes gets sweaty, harder to breathe, and causes my skin to break out.

8. Traveling.

Something I haven’t done much in my life is travel, and I am hoping to change that once it is safe to do so.

9. More acting opportunities.

This one is self explanatory, but I am excited to go to more auditions after Covid.

10. In person classes.

Online classes are convenient, but nothing can beat an in person class. I am excited to meet new people and pick up some new skills.

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