10 Ways to Save Money

This past year I have been working to save money wherever I can to build up my savings account. Here is my list I have been following.

1: Get a library card.

I’m not sure if every library is the same, but my local library has books, audiobooks, movies, and even video games available to check out for free at any given time. Over the years, this has saved me a lot of money.

2: Get a reusable water bottle.

A reusable water bottle was more convenient before we had to block off water fountains due to Covid– but nonetheless it still saves you money in the long run to have a refillable water bottle. I also found it motivates me to be healthier and drink more water and keeps my drink cooler.

3: Coupons.

I have learned to think twice before just throwing away mail or deleting emails that seem like “junk.” There are a lot of hidden gems mixed in that have saved me a lot of money on food, clothes, and beauty products. Becoming a part of a free rewards program at your favorite stores also pays off in the end.

4: Honey browser extension.

This is similar to the past tip about coupons, but it is even easier. I had come across so many YouTube videos with people promoting the “Honey” browser extension, so I decided to try it out. It is super simple and finds you coupons at the click of a button right before you check out when making an online purchase.

5: Drug store make-up dupes.

I used to buy name brand make up products, but later found that the drug store versions actually work better for my skin and save me a lot of money. Brands like NYX, Elf, and Neutrogena have been my favorites.

6: Micellar water.

Switching to Micellar Water from make up removal wipes has been the best decision I have made regarding my skincare routine. It is lighter on my skin and is great at removing my waterproof mascara. The fact that it saves me money was just an added bonus.

7: At home workouts.

I had a hard time getting myself to go to the gym this past year, especially since wearing a mask while working out was mandatory. I found that there are so many at home workout videos on YouTube and apps that have saved me money on a gym membership as well as the gas to go to the gym.

8: EBooks.

Personally I get my E-books on my Nook app or through iBooks on my iPad, but it has saved me so much money. The digital version of books is cheaper than buying a physical copy (in most cases), but there are also some books on there for free.

9: Going to the library for printing.

Keeping up with the costs of a printer, ink/ toner, and paper can add up quickly. It is especially annoying if you have an ink printer and do not print that often (the ink will dry up over time if it is not used regularly.) Printing at a library or a local Staples/ office supply store that has a printing center is a money saver since you pay by the page and have nothing to keep up with.

10: Movie theaters.

I love watching films when they first come out in theaters, but it can get quite pricy. Going during the day and getting a matinee price will save you a couple of bucks, but it certainly helps. Also, if you have one in your town, a drive-in movie theater is another great option that is typically cheaper than a regular movie ticket.

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