My Most Used Phone Apps

  1. Pinterest

This app followed me through high school and into my adult life. I love using it to find outfit, hair, and home decor inspiration. I have also been able to find some writing boards with prompts and tips that have gotten me out of writing slumps as well as some really delicious cooking recipes.

2. Clue

This is definitely not an app for everybody, but the Clue app has been a life saver for me to track my periods. It helps keep track of my symptoms and allows me to plan ahead for my next cycle easily.

3. TikTok

I downloaded TikTok at the beginning of the pandemic last year as a joke to see what all the hype was about. Fast forward to today and I have not deleted it. Unfortunately it has become a fairly regular part of my routine and brings my weekly screen time up, but it is worth it to see cute puppy videos come up on my feed when I’m feeling down.

4. Instagram

Though I do not spend as much time on Instagram, I have been using it for years to maintain contact with my peers as well as keep up to date with my favorite movies, etc.

5. Duolingo

After two years of Spanish in high school, lack of practice has made me forget some of the basic terms. Duolingo has been a great tool to remind me of those lessons.

6. Nook / iBooks

Between these two apps, I am able to go back and reread some of my favorite books that I have purchased in the past. Though I prefer physical copies of books, ebooks are far more compact and easier to bring on trips.

7. Spotify

This app is a necessity on road trips. Not only is curating a playlist so much fun, but listening to them in the car keeps me sane when I get stuck in traffic.

8. 2048

This game is so simple, yet so addicting. I have it on my phone, my iPad, and even on my Apple TV. In times when I feel overwhelmed with stress, playing 2048 for a few minutes allows my brain to focus on something other than my problems.

9. Indeed Jobs

Indeed is just my favorite site to find jobs hiring in my area. The app is simple and I have never had any problems with it.

10. Quizlet

Quizlet saved me in high school and now entertains me when I am bored. Sometimes I like to look up a new subject and expand my vocabulary/knowledge.

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