‘The Da Vinci Code’ Got Me Out of a Reading Slump

For a while I have been struggling to get back into reading. Reading went from being something I was diligent to include in my daily routine to something I did only when I was incredibly bored. When I did pick up a book, nothing seemed to grab my attention enough and motivate me to read more than a couple of disciplined chapters a day. 

Then I found The Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown sitting at the back of my bookshelf. 

The Da Vinci Code has been on my TBR list for years, but I never seemed to get around to it. Now, I wish I had picked it up sooner. 

I tend to gravitate towards YA or dystopian fiction novels because those pique my interest the most and I am able to fly through them without it feeling like work. Mystery, however, is a genre I have hardly dabbled into. 

The pacing of The Da Vinci Code was perfect. Events moved fast enough to keep the reader interested, but not so much that the reader would not have time to predict what is going to happen next. The twists and turns kept me on my toes while also explaining the plot twists thoroughly. There was no need to actively concentrate on suspension of disbelief. 

The Da Vinci Code is a fantastic novel filled with thrilling twists, three dimensional characters, beautifully set scenes, and is a real page turner. 

(I have not personally seen the film based on this book, but there is a movie of the same name on Netflix if you are curious about the story or are in the mood for a good mystery, but you are not much of a reader.)

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