10 Grocery Staples

  1. Bananas

Frozen bananas are also a great ice cream substitute. I like mine with a little peanut butter and a bit of dark chocolate.

2. Dark Chocolate Almonds

I love these for when I am looking for something a bit sweetness and some energy.

3. Dry Roasted Almonds

Recently these have been a replacement for chips when I am in the mood for a salty snack.

4. Green Tea

I personally prefer cold/ iced tea with some kind of flavor. My favorite is blueberry or peach mango.

5. Peanut Butter

From PB&J sandwiches to having alongside apples and bananas, this is a must have for my pantry.

6. Nutrigrain and Kind Bars

These bars come in so many flavors and are great to throw into your bag for school or work.

7. Halo Top Ice Cream

Many brands of ice cream tend to give me a stomach ache, but Halo Top does not. My favorite flavor is their Strawberry. I also love the Strawberry Cheesecake bars that they make.

8. Chicken

Many of the meals I have contain chicken, so this usually ends up in my cart.

9. Rice Cakes

I love these for a light snack. The apple cinnamon flavor is delicious.

10. Popcorn

Kettle Corn is my go-to here. I can’t go without popcorn when I am watching a movie at home.

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