I Impulsively Bought a Water Rowing Machine

I impulsively bought a water rowing machine . . . and I do not regret it!

Immediately after adding the machine to my cart, I feared I was making a mistake. I already had a gym membership, so why should I purchase my own equipment? At the time I was also going through a break up, so it was not a good time for financial investments. Nonetheless, I proceeded to check out and waited for it to be shipped to my house.

I am so glad I did not talk myself out of it. Going to the gym is fantastic for getting out of the house and staying in shape— however, it is not ideal when you are having a rough morning or feeling insecure. Having a rowing machine in the comfort of my own home gave me an outlet to burn off any negative energy when I was struggling to even get out of bed in the morning. Since it was sitting just down the hall, I was more inclined to spend my time getting a workout in rather than sulking with Ben and Jerry. 

Since the machine gave me more of a full body workout than a treadmill, which I normally would gravitate towards that was a good source of cardio, I found myself feeling more accomplished and generally better about myself.

The water rowing machine I got was from the brand MaxKare for under $400, but there are many brands available at various price points to choose from. There are also other rowing machines that do not require water, but personally I like the sound of the water whooshing in the drum when I am working out.

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