Community College is Underrated

Community College is an underrated gem in the academic world. College is the common next step to explore upon graduating High School. For somebody who does not have a concrete idea of what career path they want to pursue, colleges and universities can be an expensive and daunting way to find themselves. 

Attending Community College is a way to expand one’s knowledge without breaking the bank. With classes being a fraction of the cost of universities, it is easier for a person to step out of their comfort zone. Community colleges also have their own financial aid, so one could potentially come out of classes with no debt. 

Since Community Colleges offer Associate Degrees and Certifications, it is faster to complete programs. If a student decides that college is not for them upon graduating from Community College, then they can walk away with a 2 year degree under their belt and head into the workforce. On the contrary, after two years at a university or traditional college, if a student decides it is not for them, they walk away from the program with nothing to put on their resume. Students can also go to their guidance counselors and see which courses transfer from community college to a four year college if they decide to pursue a higher degree. 

Academics aside, college has also been a place to develop a social life. Community colleges still have clubs and activities to join and get involved in. It is a great way to dabble into the next level of academics and social life without the stress of being tens of thousands of dollars in debt by the end of the experiment.

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