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Is Backstage Worth It?

Is Backstage Worth It? is one of the most popular sources of acting material online and has been around for years. Some of the material, including advice articles and interviews, are available for free. However, the ability to post jobs and auditions or to apply for auditions only become available upon paying for a monthly or yearly subscription. With the yearly subscription sitting with a $150 price tag, it is up for debate on whether or not it is worth the investment.

The first question a potential subscriber should ask themselves is “what am I hoping to get out of this site?” While there are jobs that pop up for behind the camera work, is mainly comprised of acting auditions, workshops, and agency listings. If acting is their main focus, they will likely get more for their money than the ladder. 

“What outcome am I hoping for?” Acting jobs do not always equal money. Especially when an actor is starting out, a lot of jobs are completely unpaid. New actors are likely to spend more money when they are at the start of their career between clothing, travel, and headshots. If they are aware of these risks and are committed to trying absolutely everything to make their acting dreams come true, then the $150 investment is worth it. If the actor is simply looking for some acting roles on the side because they enjoy the art of acting and want to do it for fun, then it may be easier to get involved in your community or explore FaceBook pages from your city. 

Location. Location. Location. The amount of projects to audition for vary quite a bit from state to state. California will have more listings than Ohio. Since Backstage allows internet users to view listings without a paid subscription, it is worth the time to look through projects in their cities and cities they are willing to travel to before making the decision to pay for the subscription and begin applying. 

Backstage usually has a lot of sales around the holidays (right now the first year is half off) so timing may be of the essence. 

* Personally, Backstage was not worth it for me. I found plenty of acting jobs for free on FaceBook pages and websites based in my city. Everybody is different, so I definitely recommend doing your own research. I would also urge you to apply with caution. Anybody with a subscription is capable of posting a listing. Always be safe and take care of yourself. Don’t get scammed! Nobody should ever ask you for money- especially agents. They get paid when you get paid. *

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