The Periodic Table of You and Me – Poem

The Periodic Table of You and Me

By Ashley O’Hare

You were a variable in the experiment of my new life.

I thought you were the perfect match for me-

burning with my missing elements.

You disguised yourself as oxygen-

necessary to fuel the blood pumping into my veins.

I wasn’t aware that was a mere facade-

disguising you true identity as lead.

Because of you, I began to fail chemistry.

Because of you, I didn’t understand how to tell the good elements apart from those toxic to humans.

Because of you, I second guessed myself when deciphering whether or not something had a positive charge, radiating with kinetic energy.

My original conclusion was that I should thank you.

I should thank you for forcing me to look into the microscope and dissect my life.

I should thank you for equipping me with the ability to extract the negative energy from within.

After re-evaluating the data- here is my final conclusion:


Goodbye to you,

to us,

to what we could have been.

This experiment has been terminated.

Thank you for the memories.

Thank you for the lessons.

It’s time for me to evolve into the person I am meant to be.

Your expertise is no longer needed,

I have this handled.

Return to your black hole

and leave me alone.

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