10 Job Interview Tips

  1. Have a printed resume 

With websites like Indeed that allow you to submit a digital resume when you apply for a job, it is easy to overlook the importance of having a resume in your hand. When you have a resume prepared, it gives off a stronger first impression of responsibility and dependability that your future employer will be looking for. Even if you do not have prior work experience, you can create a resume. Extracurricular activities, school background, and volunteer work are perfect things to add to a resume that say a lot about who you are— as well as your name and contact information. 

2. Dress professionally— and comfortably 

Avoid clothes with rips in them. Find something you feel confident in and are comfortable moving in. Iron out any wrinkles in your clothing and remember to put a brush through your hair.

3. Be yourself

“Be yourself” is a cliché piece of advice for a reason. Your interviewer wants to get to know who you are as a person to figure out how well you will mesh with your coworkers and the work environment. 

4. Be honest

Lying will get you nowhere and will only create problems down the line. If you have class on Wednesday and can not work— be upfront and let them know. 

5. Ask questions

At the end of the interview, you will be asked if you have any questions before you leave. Take advantage of this time. You can ask about your interviewer, the company values, hours of operation, qualities of an ideal candidate— anything that pops into your mind. 

6. Smile

A smile makes a world of a difference, particularly if you are interviewing for a job that involves customer service. Having a friendly face and a positive attitude look very attractive to employers.

7. Remember your manners

Please and thank you are small components to add to an interview to show that you have respect for the interviewer. 

8. Show up early

Be punctual. Your interview habits are the first things your employer will pick up on and judge you on. If you show up late for your interview, one will infer that you will be late for your shift. 

9. Do your research

It does not hurt to look up the company you are applying to. Knowing what values your company has will help your conversation during the interview.

10. Speak clearly

Focus on not mumbling and annunciating your words. Speaking clearly will project your confidence.

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