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5 Things to Bring to an Acting Audition

5 Things to Bring to Acting Auditions

1. Your Headshot / Resume

This should be printed double sided and will have all of your contact information, work history, and your photo so casting directors remember what you look like.

2. Your script

If you received a sample of the script, your sides, ahead of time, you will want to have it memorized and bring a copy with you.

3. A pen

Casting directors may give you notes during your auditions, so you want to be prepared to write them down.

4. A brush

You never know if you will be traveling to an audition in the middle of a storm. Keep a brush with so you can calm any crazy hairstyle the wind gave you.

5. Makeup

Keeping some backup makeup in your bag is always a good idea in case your makeup runs and fades throughout the day.

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