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10 Great Shows to Binge on Netflix and Disney+

  1. Gilmore Girls

Available on Netflix

This show came out before I was even born, so I never got to enjoy it while it was airing on television. Thanks to Netflix, I am absolutely obsessed with the show- I cannot recommend it enough. The characters are well written and hilarious. It is truly the perfect show to watch after a long day when you just need to wind down.

2. Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life

Available on Netflix

This revival came out in 2016, but I still didn’t get into Gilmore Girls until this year. This four episode series was a great way to catch up with the characters after the show ended in 2007. While I still like the original series better, this series still deserves a binge.

3. 1000 lb Sisters

Available on TLC

I started watching this show after it was recommended to me and I just got hooked. Usually I am not a big fan of reality tv, but the personalities on 1000 lb Sisters kept me clicking “next episode” until I was all caught up.

4. Once Upon a Time

Available on Disney+

I was always a fan of Disney movies as a kid and loved reading fairy tales. Once Upon a Time puts a spin on the classics and keeps you on your toes. I’m not finished with the entire series yet, but it is a very light watch and is perfect for those days where you chill on the couch with some hot cocoa.

5. The Falcon and the Winter Soldier

Available on Disney+

This year was the year that I got into Marvel movies. I binged the entire Infinity Saga before watching the Disney+ shows that came out in early 2021. Since there was so much to get into with the characters of Sam Wilson and Bucky Barnes, I’m glad they made it into a series instead of squishing it into a movie. The show felt like a true MCU project and was exactly what I was hoping for when I saw the trailer.

6. Squid Game

Available on Netflix

I’m pretty sure 90% of the population watched Squid Game this year. The hype is what got me to start watching this on my Netflix account. The premise reminded me a bit of The Hunger Games, so I couldn’t stop watching until I had seen it through. The acting was great for the most part and it was very entertaining if you are looking for a darker story.

7. WandaVision

Available on Disney+

Again, this stemmed from my recent Marvel obsession. WandaVision was such a fun show to watch and explore with the characters. It is definitely something I could see myself watching again. The decades theme was very cool to see on screen.

8. Loki

Available on Disney+

Let me just be honest and say that I am more of a Thor fan than a Loki fan. However, this show made me appreciate the character of Loki more than I have in the past. Tom Hiddleston is a genius actor and always brings the character to life no matter how much screen time he is given. 

9. Maid

Available on Netflix

This Netflix original is such an eye opener! If you are sensitive to the topic of domestic abuse, then I would recommend sitting this one out. However, I do believe this is a very important show for more people to see. It’s definitely not one of the most uplifting shows you can watch, but the ending makes the journey worth it.

10. America’s Next Top Model

Available on Netflix

This show has become my guilty pleasure this year. Unfortunately there are only a couple of seasons to stream on Netflix, but I still have fun watching it. The crazy photoshoots and the behind the scenes glimpse of being a model has always been interesting to me, even if the show is overly dramatic.

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