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Popular TV Shows I Never Got Into

TV Shows I Never Got Into

Since high school I have watched quite a bit of tv, often playing it in the background while I did my homework or wound down after a work shift. There are a handful of shows that are popular, but I could not get into.

  1. The Vampire Diaries

Freshman year of high school I made an attempt to watch ‘The Vampire Diaries,’ but I gave up shortly after the first season. The show just was not my cup of tea. 

  1. Supernatural

This show has been on my “to watch” list for years. I never got around to it earlier because I was busy keeping up with ‘The Walking Dead’ and now the amount of seasons is kind of daunting.

  1. Outer Banks

‘Outer Banks’ was everywhere at the start of 2020 so I was pretty hyped to start it. After watching the first episode, I was not gripped enough to continue watching.

  1. Riverdale

The first season of ‘Riverdale’ came out while I was still in high school and everybody in class was talking about it. The mystery aspect of it was so fun that I binged the first season on Netflix. When the second season came out, I began losing interest. After that I kept up with the plot loosely on YouTube reactions. The show had so much potential at the start, but strayed too far from the original concept for me to dedicate the time to watch it. 

  1. Grey’s Anatomy

This is another show that I have heard so many compliments about, but the amount of seasons makes me hesitant to start it. I’m a little nervous about the weight of the show.

  1. The Witcher

‘The Witcher’ was on my “to watch” list before it came out, but I just forgot about it until recently.

  1. American Horror Story

I made the attempt to watch season 1 not too long ago and could not get far. The graphic imagery was too much for my taste. I rarely have nightmares and this show gave me nightmares.

Have you watched any of these shows? Do you think I should give one another shot? Let me know!

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