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How Spider-Man: No Way Home Exceeded My High Expectations

Spider-Man: No Way Home Movie Talk

I saw Spider-Man: No Way Home back on opening weekend and have not been able to stop thinking about since leaving the theater. So many questions have been buzzing through my head for weeks and driving me crazy.



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First Thoughts:

First of all, I just want to say I was so impressed with the final installment of this Spider-Man trilogy. With all of the rumors floating around leading up to the movie’s release, I was worried my expectations were being pushed too high. Somehow Marvel managed to meet the highest expectations and push it further.

The biggest shock was seeing all three live action Spider-Men on screen at once. I thought that was such a far-fetched rumor when I first heard it, but this movie made it happen and did so naturally. Even the Spider-Man meme (with the three Spider-Men pointing at each other) was included seamlessly. How they managed to include a meme without making it look silly is a success in itself.

I watched the past 7 Spider-Man movies in preparation for No Way Home, so I was expecting a bit more from the visuals. The Amazing Spider-Man 2 in particular looks so beautiful and cinematic that I was looking forward to seeing something similar on the big screen. 


After the credits rolled down the screen, the questions started pouring into my head.

  1. Will the new spell affect Peter 2 and Peter 3? (Andrew Garfield and Tobey Maguire)

The movie ends with Doctor Strange casting a new spell that makes everyone forget who Peter Parker is. My initial thoughts were that this would be limited to the MCU, but what if it isn’t? What if Peter 2 and Peter 3 returned to their universes to find that everyone had forgotten they even existed?

2. Does the spell affect those who are off-world?

Another question I have had regarding the spell- will Nick Fury, the Guardians, Thor, Captain Marvel, etc. remember Peter since they are not currently on Earth? How far does this spell stretch?

3. How does curing the villains affect the timelines when they are sent back to their respective universes?

Since Electro is cured, does the fight with Peter from The Amazing Spider-Man 2 exist? If it doesn’t, then wouldn’t Gwen Stacy be alive? If Sandman is cured, then he wouldn’t have teamed up with Venom in Spiderman 3 and Harry Osborn would be alive. 

4. How is Ned magic?

As cool as it was to see Ned create the portals that brought in Andrew Garfield and Tobey Maguire; how did he have the ability to do so? It took Doctor Strange a long time to master the skill of creating portals. It wasn’t until his life was on the line that Strange managed to make his first portal, yet Ned does this several times without even trying and any guidance. 

5. How long have Peter and MJ been dating?

The movie makes it feel as though they have been dating for a very long time, but I thought it was only one summer. I guess first loves are intense anyway, but it felt a bit off since the first movie was focused on Peter liking Liz. Far From Home focused on the start of their relationship, but didn’t show Peter falling for MJ or vice-versa. 

6. Why did Sandman side with the villains?
While he looked cool in the final battle, I didn’t understand why he would fight the trio if he just wanted to get home to his daughter. He had nothing to gain from siding with them.

7. Did Electro know that Peter Parker was Spider-Man?

The villains were brought into the MCU because they knew Spider-Man’s true identity. However, I do not recall Electro discovering Spidey’s true identity in The Amazing Spider-Man 2. I could be completely wrong, but I can not remember a scene where he even mentions Peter’s name. It would have made more sense to bring in Harry Osborne from TASM2.

8. How did the lawsuit go?
I wish we had gotten a small detail about the Stark lawsuit. Is Happy still in legal trouble? Did it go away along with Peter’s identity?

9. Why didn’t Daredevil help out?

I know that was not the point of his cameo, but it just seems like there were so much going on for him to ignore. Granted I have not seen the Netflix show, so I do not have any background on who he is as a character. 

Minor Details:

– Marvel movies always look great, but some of the cgi was distracting. One part in particular was when Andrew Garfield’s Spider-Man catches Michelle Jones. It looks a bit odd and very abrupt when they land on the ground. For such an emotional and beautiful scene, the effects took me out of the moment for a second.

– With so much going on, Tom Holland was still the obvious star of the movie. His acting during Aunt May’s death scene brought tears to my eyes. That scene was so well done and was a great reminder of how young Peter is to be going through so much pain.

– MJ should have used the box before Aunt May died. I know Aunt May had to die due to the plot, but it just bothers me that MJ had the ability to prevent it. If she was not able to get through to Peter, I expected her to believe the worst and try to protect him.  

(Also, where were Tobey and Andrew when the fight with Green Goblin was going on? It seemed like they were kind of wandering around New York before Ned opened the portals. I’m surprised they missed such a big fight.)

– I loved the comedy in this movie, particularly from Andrew Garfield. He has amazing comedic timing and truly stole every scene he was in. (My favorite line was when he told Tobey’s Peter that he was dressed like a “cool youth pastor.”) This movie solidified my stance that, though I love them all, Andrew Garfield is by far my favorite Peter Parker.


I have seen a lot of rumors regarding new Spider-Man projects and it is worrying that they will spread this story too thin in a short amount of time. Who knows? Maybe Marvel and Sony will make 10 Spider-Man related movies in the next few years and they will all be amazing? Anything can happen after this movie!

Have you seen Spider-Man: No Way Home? What did you think?

If you have any answers for me, please comment them below! This movie has been haunting me for too long.

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