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Best Phone Apps for a Beginning Actor

Best Phone Apps for a Beginning Actor

For a few years, I was chasing an acting career. From looking for auditions to assistance with self tapes, here are the apps I used the most.

  1. Backstage

I made a blog post a few months ago about Backstage. While I did not end up renewing my membership, I did use the app quite a bit when I was signed up. If you are looking for any acting job, this app is great for gaining experience. You won’t find a lot of listings in smaller towns, especially paid roles, but they are out there. The app is very easy to use. I liked having it on my phone so I could reply to casting directors on the go.

  1. Actors Access

Actors Access is another popular self-submission acting site. Though I didn’t use it as much as Backstage, I have heard so many great reviews. Rather than paying a monthly or yearly membership fee, you pay a few dollars per submission. 

  1. ImdbPro

ImdbPro is another website for self submitting to roles. It is particularly great if you live in a big city. However, there is another feature that made the yearly subscription worth it. On ImdbPro, you can look up you favorite actors and see their managers, agents, etc. It is helpful in the research process when you are looking for representation and ensuring you are not being scammed. I also loved looking up different movies and seeing how much they made at the box office.

  1. SceneBot

When you are starting out, exposure and practice is everything. SceneBot has extra features that you can pay for, but you can also use the app for free. It is a site where you are provided with a script, record yourself acting it out, and submit it for a contest. There is a monologue and an act-back script (where an actor reads the other character’s lines for you) available each month. Even if you don’t end up recording yourself to submit it to the contest, it is a great way to practice running lines with a partner. 

  1. Voice Memos

Voice memos is a free app on iPhones, already loaded on when you get your phone. You can use this app for multiple purposes. One way I used it was to practice running my lines for an audition when I didn’t have anybody else around. I would record myself reading the other character’s lines so that when I ran my lines, I would have something to respond to. It is also helpful to record yourself acting to ensure you are putting emotion into your lines without solely relying on facial expressions. 

  1. iMovie

iMovie is another free app on Apple products. This app makes it easy to edit your self tapes. Making sure you trim out any awkward pauses when you are turning the camera on or after your slate is very important. 

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