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“The Batman” (2022) Gives Marvel a Run For Its Money

“The Batman” Movie Review

Release Date: March 4, 2022

Runtime: 2 hours 56 minutes

Rating: PG-13

“The Batman” has been out for a couple of weeks now. Last week, I had the privilege of watching it myself. Though the runtime of nearly three hours was daunting, I am glad to have watched it in theaters.

If you are a fan of the CBS show “Criminal Minds” or the film “The Zodiac,” then this is definitely a film for you. The storyline this Batman movie follows is very much reminiscent the raw realities of crime. The main antagonist, The Riddler, is presented as more of a serial killer than a “villain.” It was an interesting shift from other superhero movies I have seen in recent years. I found myself more immersed in the plot line due to the added realism. Following along with the detective story line, this film addressed heroes being vigilantes. Seeing Batman struggle against public opinion, the police force, and his own person problems as Bruce Wayne did wonders to humanize him for the audience.

With the film’s lengthy runtime, I went into it expecting plenty of filler scenes. Leaving the theater, I found myself struggling to come up with even one scene that could have been scrapped. The movie is visually stunning. Keeping a darker, more grim tone was a well used tool to keep the movie immersive. The stunning musical score complimented the establishing shots incredibly well. The costuming department deserves praise as well. Every suit and uniform used in this film truly added to the atmosphere and told a story on its own. 

Despite the grim tones, the film is not too graphic for younger teen audiences. The put enough on screen to utilize the “show, don’t tell” rule well. Coming into this film blind, I was pleased to find that I did not need to watch any past films to understand and fully enjoy “The Batman.” Narration can be a tricky tool to use in movies, but this film does it perfectly without overdoing it. There is some dark/ dry humor included, but other than that there is no comedic relief. This film takes itself seriously, so the bits of irony get a chuckle out of the audience without pulling viewers out of the mood.

The acting in “The Batman” is unreal on every level. If you are coming from a position of seeing Robert Pattinson as Edward Cullen from “Twilight,” then you are in for a shock. However if you have seen his recent movies, such as “The Devil All The Time,” then you are more prepared for his portrayal of such a layered character. Pattinson shines as Bruce Wayne, bringing his to life in a compellingly gritty and honesty way. His chemistry with actress Zoë Kravitz and actor Jeffrey Wright only adds to the depth of the film. If you are looking for a movie where you get lost in the story and forget you are in a movie theater, “The Batman” is the perfect fit for you.

Light Spoilers Ahead!

Spoiler Warning!!!

Spoiler Warning!!!

There are a couple aspects of this film that stood out to me, even a week later. The first is the utilization of Bruce Wayne’s technology. The camera contact lenses were a cool piece of technology, but they were also well implemented as a driver to the plot. My only wish is that we had seen more of the Batmobile. Since the film ends with a scene that leaves it wide open for a sequel, I hope we get to see more of it in a future film. 

The scene that stole the show to me was a fight scene at the climax of the film. I won’t go into details, so you’ll have to watch it for yourself and enjoy it firsthand. What I will say is that they used the dark lighting of their film to their advantage. There is a shot where the only light comes from gunshots and it is unlike anything I have seen on screen. Truly gorgeous cinematography is exhibited in this movie. 

Lastly, there is one aspect that I have been raving about: Bruce Wayne never reveals his true identity. He uses his position as Batman to his advantage in certain situations, then uses his role as Bruce Wayne in others. Going from a stoic hero to the community’s rich orphan to get information was such a well used scene. After seeing so many superhero movies where the protagonist gives up on hiding their identity, this film’s persistence to keep it truly a secret was refreshing.

I 10/10 recommend this movie to anybody, but I want to know what you think! Have you seen “The Batman?” Do you intend on watching it? Comment down below!

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