Self Care Routine

My Self Care Night Routine

Stressful days seem to be more frequent nowadays. While there is not much we can do to prevent the stress from falling onto our plates, we can take measures to give ourselves some much needed rest. When I get to the point of feeling like my battery is running dangerously low, I have a specific routine to rest and recharge so I can get back on track.

1. I put on my comfort tv show (or movie)

For me, this is the show from 2000 Gilmore Girls. I know that when I turn on any episode, the content will take away from my stress rather than add to it. As much as I love Criminal Minds, crime is the last thing I want to see when I am beyond exhausted.

2. I put on a face mask.

This is a common step in many self care routines. My favorite face mask to wear is a hydrating sheet mask from Neutrogena. The cooling effects automatically relax the muscles in my face and help me relax.

3. I paint my nails.

Few things make me feel more put together than some freshly painted nails. While I watch tv, I will pain my fingernails— preferably a lighter color to make me feel more cheerful.

4. I eat dessert.

Frozen bananas with some peanut butter is my go-to dessert. While frozen yogurt is a close second, I feel a lot better about intentionally getting some more fruit into my diet when I am feeling low.

5. Find a good book to read.

Most of the time this consists of rereading one of my past favorites. There is something so comforting about reading a book where you already know what is going to happen. It feels a bit like returning home after a long trip.

6. Moisturize.

Face masks are great, but I try not to forget about the rest of my body. Particularly during the winter, I make sure to find a good lotion to keep my skin moisturized and healthy.

7. Journal.

Getting all of my thoughts down on a piece of paper is incredibly important. If you are having a hard time with writing in a journal, recording a video diary is a great option. Sometimes it is easier to speak out loud and look back on it later. Whatever works best for you— just don’t let any thoughts and problems fester in your mind. 

8. Exercise. 

Moving your body is important on a regular basis, but it is crucial when you are feeling low. To make it more enjoyable I like to listen to music while I work out. Another great option is to play Just Dance or Zumba. (There are videos on YouTube to follow along to if you do not own these games.)

9. Go to bed early. 

Making sure that I am tucked in bed at a reasonable hour works miracles. There is nothing better to fix your stressful day than preparing yourself for a successful tomorrow. Going to bed early is one way to start the next day off on the right foot. A good nights sleep will fix so many problems.

These are some of my tips for resting and recharging. Do you have any special you do after a stressful time in your life? Let me know in the comments below!

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