Tips for Falling Asleep

Tips for Falling Asleep

Falling asleep as soon as my head hits the pillow has always been a goal of mine. I used to struggle to get to bed, staring up at my ceiling or tossing and turning for hours before my body eventually gave in. Here are some things that have helped me fall asleep quickly.

1. Read 

Reading before going to bed is an old tip, but it is repeated for a reason. Winding down with a good book and unplugging from your devices will allow your body to naturally relax and begin the process of falling asleep. (Try not to be like me and fall into the “just one more chapter” loop. I would recommend reading a book you have already read to prevent this.)

2. Turn off the TV

TV screens may help you unwind after a long day, but the bright light will demand your attention and keep you awake. If you are trying to change your habits and wake up early on a regular basis, I would recommend turning off the television about an hour before slipping into bed. 

3. Go to the bathroom

Make sure you have an empty bladder before crawling into bed. There is nothing worse than getting comfortable and realizing you need to use the bathroom. 

4. Turn off your phone

Similar to television, social media will keep you awake and scrolling for hours at night. Make it a habit to turn it off before you crawl into bed.

5. Make a to-do list for the next day

Making yourself a to-do list the night before will ensure you will go into the following day with a purpose. Since I have implemented this step to my night routine, I have cut significantly reduced the amount of forgotten tasks. 

6. Do not do work on your bed

Find somewhere else to work during the day, if possible. Ideally you should associate your bed with rest and relaxation— not exams or emails to your boss.

7. Listen to ambience 

Spotify has ambience podcasts— audios of different relaxing settings like rain, oceans, or libraries. You can listen to these podcasts on the free version of Spotify and put on a sleep timer so it will automatically turn off while you sleep. Sometimes my room feels eerily quiet and I need a little help relaxing. 

I hope these help! Do you have any tricks to falling asleep early? Comment them down below!

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