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Top 10 Best Movies to Watch This Summer (2022)

10 Movies to Watch This Summer

Summer is the perfect time to curl up on the couch with a tasty snack and have a good laugh. Here are ten movies to add to your watch list this summer!

  1. The Proposal

Searching for a good romantic comedy? Look no further than 2009’s The Proposal! This film stars Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds, so you already know it is incredible. The plot follows book editor Margaret, her assistant Andrew, and their fake relationship conjured out of desperation of facing deportation. Betty White is also featured in this film and she is phenomenal in her role. If you are looking for a good laugh, tune in to The Proposal

  1. Grown Ups

Adam Sandler is known to be in light-hearted summer family films. Grown Ups is a film that follows an estranged group of friends as they find their way beck to each other, reunited through their past coach’s funeral. You can turn this viewing into a double-feature with Grown-Ups 2— which you are sure to like if you are a fan of the original film.

  1. Mrs. Doubtfire

Can you ever go wrong with a Robin Williams movie? Mrs. Doubtfire came out in 1993 and is still a comedy favorite to this day. Disguising himself as an old British nanny, Daniel convinces his ex-wife to hire him so he can spend time with his children. 

  1. RV

Once again, Robin Williams’s movies are always a hit in my house. RV is one of my personal favorites. In an effort to bring his family closer together, Bob Munro rents an RV to take his family on a vacation. With some bumps along the way, chaos ensues. 

  1. Blended

Blended starts with our two main characters, Lauren and Jim, out on a blind date. Though their relationship gets off to a bumpy start, they find themselves on a vacation together with their families at a beautiful South African resort. The film follows the families as they are forced to get to know one another.

  1. The Goonies

Searching for adventure? The Goonies is a childhood favorite. With pirate maps and treasure involved, how could you not tune in? This film is a classic to be enjoyed by people of all ages. 

  1. Shrek

Shrek is a family favorite. Watch it as a stand-alone, or binge the entire four movie series. With a main character an ogre with a donkey sidekick, shenanigans are a part of the package. The soundtrack to these movies alone is enough reason to sit down and watch them.

  1. Toy Story

Everybody should watch Toy Story at least twice in their life. Disney Plus holds all 4 movies for your enjoyment. Toys coming to life is a concept I never would have thought of, but I am glad Disney and Pixar did. The voice acting is incredible and these films are truly wholesome and fun.

  1. Guardians of the Galaxy

Luckily you do not need to watch all of the Marvel films to watch Guardians of the Galaxy (though I do recommend watching the entire Infinity Saga if you have the time this summer.) Once again, this movie has a phenomenal soundtrack and unbeatable acting. The characters are three dimensional and genuinely funny. The sequel can also be viewed without watching the rest of the Infinity Saga, so that’s an added bonus. 

  1. Ride Along

In the mood for a buddy-cop movie? Ride Along is the perfect choice for you. Kevin Hart is always hilarious. Paired with Ice Cube, this movie was bound to be a hit. The film followed Ben (Kevin Hart) as he is taken on a ride along with his girlfriend’s brother (Ice Cube.) The movie is hilarious with an easy to follow and enjoyable plot.

Honorable Mentions:

Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle / Jumanji: The Next Level


Two Weeks Notice

Journey to the Center of the Earth / Journey 2 the Mysterious Island

Osmosis Jones

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