Make a “Not To-Do” List

Make a “Not To-Do” List

I am an avid user of daily to-do lists. Those lists help ma keep my responsibilities in order and stay organized. Last year I read the book “Good to Great.” The book has a lot of fantastic information and tools for business owners and managers, but it also had some advice that is applicable to everyone. The tip that stood out to me the most was the idea of creating a “Not To-Do” list. After applying this tool for a year, it helped me out a lot. 

1. There were suddenly more hours in the day.

The TikTok app was at the top of my “Not To-Do” list. Once I took the app off of my home screen and made an effort to stop using it, I found that I had more time during the day to work with. Initially I found myself feeling bored— but creativity is born out of boredom. Without spending hours scrolling on my phone, I had a surplus of time to write my book, dust off my guitar, and be present in during the day.

2. It is motivating.

A to-do list can be difficult to start. On the contrary, a “not to-do” list is effortless. There is more freedom with this list. The remaining activities to choose from are things that are productive, so no matter what you choose to do it will be a step forward.

3. It helps you find your priorities. 

When you add something to your “not to-do” list, then you are admitting that it is not a priority. Narrowing down the activities in your life to the things you truly want or need to do leaves you with a clear path and a clear head. 

“Good to Great” by Jim Collins is one of my favorite books— I cannot recommend it enough. If you have tried a “not to-do” list, let me know in the comments below! I’m curious to see if you found it as helpful as I did.

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