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Kitchen Tools Well Worth the Money

Kitchen Tools Worth the Money

The older I get, the more I find myself enjoying spending time in the kitchen. Here are five tools that I get the most use out of in my household.

1. KitchenAid Mixer 

With a price tag of over $300, this is the most expensive gadget on my list. I would not include it if I didn’t swear by its effectiveness. Growing up, I have always loved baking with my mom. Our KitchenAid Mixer has made the mixing process so effortless, buying bakery goods from the grocery store a thing of the past. Even mixing dough for shortbread is finished in minutes without causing my arm to feel like it is going to fall off. 

2. Ninja Air Fryer

There are several brands and models to choose from when it comes to air fryers. Personally I have the Ninja Air Fryer that rings in at $99.99, so I can only speak to the effectiveness of that model specifically. I haven’t dabbled into everything that this air fryer can do, but it makes roasted vegetables so fast. In my house, we use it to expedite cooking times on our appetizers. The air fryer makes frozen chicken nuggets and French fries taste like take-out, but without any added grease. I have not baked French fries in the oven since we have purchased our air fryer— nothing can beat the crispiness that the fryer gives them.

3. Ninja Single Serve Blender

After my previous single serve blender stopped working (which was probably to be expected from a $10 blender), I was gifted a Ninja Blender. At $60, it is definitely an investment. If you frequently make smoothies and milkshakes, it is well worth it. I can now make breakfast smoothies in mere minutes. 

4. Mr. Coffee Coffee Maker

I bought my 12 cup coffee maker for just $20 at Walmart. Since I only use it to make tea and hot chocolate, this was the perfect fit for me. It is simple to use and simple to clean— so it is right up my alley! 

5. Kurig Coffee Maker

At over $100, the Kurig is another investment for your kitchen. If you are someone who values speed over cost, the Kurig is the coffee maker for you. They come in all colors and sizes, so they are a great way to bring some flare into your kitchen.

Do you have a kitchen tool you love that I didn’t mention? Comment your recommendations below!

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