10 Favorite YouTubers

10 Favorite YouTubers

For years YouTube has been my main source of entertainment. Here are my top 10 favorite YouTube creators.

1. Jacksepticeye

I have been watching Jacksepticeye’s channel for nearly a decade now. With his high levels of positive energy, I find myself tuning in to his gameplay videos of games I was not particularly interested in. When I was younger and could not afford new games every month, I would watch his videos and still thoroughly enjoy them. He also does a lot of charity and fund raiser work which is incredibly admirable.

2. Brooklyn and Bailey

Brooklyn and Bailey have been on my subscriptions list since they first created their YouTube channel. Their content ranges from traditional lifestyle content, to fashion and beauty, and occasionally challenges. 

3. Markiplier

Another creator that has been making content for years, Markiplier is primarily a gaming YouTuber. His videos stand out to me due to how you can rewatch them and still enjoy them as much as the original viewing. His play through of the game “Outlast” was what led to me discovering him in the early 2010’s. Markiplier often collaborates with his friends, which adds some fresh variety and more laughable moments to his videos.

4. Cinnamon Toast Ken

Ken is a YouTuber that I am fairly new to. On his main channel, he reacts to popular viral videos and a lot of TLC content. Joined often by his friends Dane or Pewdiepie, their banter adds another level of entertainment to some outrageous content. 

5. Dylan is in Trouble

Movies are always coming out and sometimes it can be hard to keep up, or maybe it is more fun to watch them with somebody else. Dylan’s channel has solved my problems in this area. He reacts to films and occasionally television shows on his channel. While he obviously cannot post every minute of the movies, you get the gist of the plot and additional commentary. 

6. Bethany Mota

Bethany Mota does not make videos as often anymore, but the content she does post are high quality and entertaining to watch. She has a likable personality that works well in the lifestyle genre on YouTube. 

7. Daz Games

Daz is my go-to YouTuber when I need to be cheered up. Despite his channel name, he does not only make gaming content— he also makes reaction videos and the occasional skit. Whatever video you choose to watch, you are sure to find that his laughter is contagious. 

8. Michel Janse

Another new addition to my subscriptions, Michel is a lifestyle vlogger. The way she interacts with her audience is reminiscent of how an older sister would speak to you. Her videos are very relaxing and can be put on in the background while you do your laundry or work.

9. Cute Girl’s Hairstyles / Mindy McKnight

Mindy McKnight is actually the mother of Brooklyn and Bailey, previously mentioned on this list. While her current content is still entertaining, I would be lying if I said I don’t miss her older content. I learned how to braid my own hair in middle school because of this channel. If you are looking for some easy to follow hairstyle tutorials, her older videos are perfect for you.

10. Sierra Schultzzie

Sierra makes a lot of lifestyle content and vlogs on her channels. If you have a particular interest in fashion, then this is the perfect creator for you. She is a very likable person on YouTube and seems very down to earth and relatable. 

Have you seen any videos from the creators on this list? Who do you subscribe to on YouTube? Let me know in the comments below!

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