“It Ends With Us” by Colleen Hoover Book Review

It Ends With Us Book Review

It Ends With Us  was originally published in 2016 and has received a lot of attention lately, particularly on the TikTok app. With the hope of a movie adaptation in the future, now would be the perfect time to pick up a copy and read it before it hits theaters. The author, Colleen Hoover, is also in the process of writing a sequel, It Starts With Us, that is due to be released in October of this year.  

The story consists of a mixture of highs and lows for the main character, Lily Bloom. Without getting into any spoilers, I would like to warn anybody considering reading the novel that sexual assault and domestic violence is mentioned heavily/ is a large part of the story. If that is something that is triggering to you or that you feel uncomfortable with, then this would not be the book I would recommend for you. (This book also includes some generally intimate scenes) While these topics are very heavy, Hoover uses them responsibly. Her story maintains the delicate line of humanizing the character in question without supporting their actions— i.e. writing the character as a person who has made some seriously bad decisions that have consequences rather than making them look like a super-villain. There was never a moment where it felt like the story was minimizing the victims and their feelings/ experiences. 

Colleen Hoover’s writing in this novel is extraordinary. The story flows effortlessly and allows you to take this journey with Lily Bloom. It Ends With Us was more than just reading a book— it was an immersive and eye-opening experience. This is a novel that I would recommend to anybody who can handle the content. Domestic violence is an issue that deserves more awareness.

The characters in this book kept me invested from the first page. Every character is three-dimensional and fleshed out with their own stories and struggles. Lily and Atlas in particular are compelling and will make you emotional as you follow them through their lives. Colleen Hoover deserves extra praise for elevating side characters to being more than tools to push the story along. Characters that only appear for a few scenes feel like real people and evoke emotion in what little time the readers have with them. I greatly appreciate the amount of hope in It Ends With Us. Though these characters go through traumatic situations, it is not all darkness. Hoover takes you along for the ride on a collection of emotional roller coasters. From innocent first loves, chasing your dreams, and facing life consequences— this book has everything.

Colleen Hoover wrote a book that will stay with you for months after you finish the final page. If you are looking for a story to make you feel something again, pick up and copy or check your local library. I have not laughed and cried like this while reading a book since The Fault in Our Stars by John Green when I was in middle school.

I want to hear your thoughts!

Have you read It Ends With Us? Are you planning on picking up a copy?

What do you think about the possibility of a movie adaptation?

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