How To Get Inspired

How To Get Inspired

Have you ever sat down to get some work done and your mind completely abandons you? I have been there time and time again. Here are 8 tips I have come up with to help me combat my moments of blanking.

1. Turn off your phone

This one is going to sound obvious because everybody talks about it, but it is so helpful. If I have my phone within reach, I will be tempted to grab it and give myself a break from working. Social media is designed to keep us on the apps, so what was intended to be a five minute break quickly turns into an hour of procrastination. Keeping your phone off and out of sight minimizes the risk of distraction and keeps the flashy notifications out of your field of view.

2. Go for a walk outside

If the weather is nice, go outside and get some fresh air. Avoid putting headphones in and take a few moments to connect with nature. After five minutes you will feel more relaxed and clear-headed.

3. Use a writing prompt

Even if you are not a writer, a writing prompt helps get the creative juices flowing in your brain. It doesn’t have to be long— just a paragraph or so. There are hundreds of prompts online, prompt books available at the store, or you could even journal about your day for a few minutes. 

4. Read a chapter of a book

Pick a book you are currently reading or a random book off of your shelf and read the next chapter. This is a simple task that gets your brain working and helps with your concentration. If you do not have any books around, there are many free books on iBooks, NookBooks, and Kindle to download. A news article would also suffice.

5. Listen to music

I always recommend listening to instrumentals if you tend to get distracted easily. However, playing your favorite album on Spotify in the background will make typing up your essay go by a lot faster. 

6. Stretch

If I have been sitting for a while, waiting for inspiration to strike, my back tends to hurt. Taking a few minutes to stretch my body gives me a break to let my mind wander and my body to relax. 

7. Do a quick workout

Similar to stretching, a quick workout gets your body moving and wake you up. This is especially important if you are working on a computer. Taking your eyes away from the screen is essential while working. A 5-10 minute workout away from your desk allows your body and brain to refresh.

8. Do nothing for 2 minutes

This sounds counterproductive, but trust me when I say it works. I try to incorporate these two minutes into my day every single day. Take a couple of minutes to breathe and collect yourself— you will be amazed at how good it feels.

These were just some of my tips, but I want to know what you think! Have you used any of these tips yourself? Do you have any other advice? Let me know in the comments!

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