“Fictional Worlds” Poem of the Day (2022)

Fictional Worlds

By Ashley O’Hare

I live in fictional worlds

because I despise the real one. 

The unpredictability.

The pain; 

When bad things happen in this world,

there is no sunny side.

There is no happy ending waiting at the conclusion of the ride.

This agony will not build my character.

I will never reach what I am after.

Nobody is coming to save me.

There is no script for Act Three.

I was never trained to improvise—

I was raised to be constantly supervised.

If someone could write a character arc

where I heal my broken heart

and I prevent myself from falling apart,

then maybe I could take a spark

turn it into fireworks at the park

and make people smile in spite of the dark.

Maybe then I would like this world.

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