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“Top Gun” (1986) is a Hidden Treasure (Spoiler Free)

Top Gun (1986) – Movie Review

With the long awaited sequel dominating theaters, now is the perfect time to reflect on the original of the 80s.

Top Gun is a phenomenal movie to watch, regardless of your mood. The first minute of the film sets the mood with the best soundtrack playing through the opening credits. After the credits, the action starts and does not stop until the end credits are rolling. Top Gun keeps you on your toes and makes two hours feel like thirty minutes. You will laugh with Maverick and Goose’s shenanigans, cry with their journeys, and suffer in suspense of the missions.

The writing of this movie is some of the best I have ever seen in film. Paired with incredible natural actors, the immersion is unprecedented. They subtly make you like Tom Cruise’s character, Maverick, despite his refusal to do what he is told in any circumstance. He puts his head on the line for others without making it sappy. Watching his character grow and learn from his mistakes is rewarding for viewers.

Through the film, picking up on the intricate callbacks is like a fun mini game. Have tissues prepared for an unexpected tragedy. There is no fluff in this film— every scene serves a purpose. 

Visually the film has an impressive nostalgic feel to it. The 1980s film grain, hair, and makeup makes for a fun viewing experience.

Top Gun is a fun movie for everybody— regardless of age. It is truly timeless and worth the watch. 

You can buy or rent Top Gun on Apple and Amazon, or stream it on Paramount + and Prime Video.

Have you watched Top Gun? Comment your thoughts down below!

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