“Actions and Accidents” Poem of the Day (2022)

Actions and Accidents

By Ashley O’Hare

Accidents happen every day.

We get caught up in our minds

and forget that we have a body.

We forget that other people exist.

For a moment, nothing matters—

then chaos ensues.

If we are lucky, an apology is all that is required

to solve the crimes that transpired.   

These stories rarely make the news.
The stories of collateral damage do.

The situations where words have no impact.

The situations where lives are lost.

The public is faced with the cruel reminder

that we are all human,

and humans are mortal.

How insane we are to bestow power

to beings prone to error.

We say that accidents are no one’s fault

but we know better.

Actions have consequences 

and blame always finds a shoulder.  

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