Why I Love My MacBook Pro

Why I Love My Macbook Pro

Back in 2018, I got a MacBook Pro. Four years later I still love it and here is why:

  • Using AirDrop / AirPlay with other Apple products

It is so nice to be able to AirDrop a series of photos from my laptop to my phone within seconds. The way that Apple products collaborate with each other makes it difficult to choose another brand. Instead of having my friends or family huddle around my laptop when I want to share something on my screen, I can simply AirPlay it to my Smart TV or Apple TV.

  • Pages, iMovie, Numbers, and Keynote are all free

These preloaded applications saved me so much money that I would have otherwise spent on Microsoft Office. iMovie in particular I was excited to have on my laptop for video editing. My old laptop used Windows Movie Maker, which got the job done but was not as clean or easy to use.

  • Retina display

Editing photos and videos on my laptop is easy with the crisp color and vibrancy that the display allows.

  • Perfect size and weight

I got the 13 inch screen, so the laptop is light and fits perfectly in the laptop compartment of my backpack— perfect for traveling!

  • Runs fast years later

After four years of use, my laptop never takes more than thirty seconds to turn on. When it is easy for me to get onto my laptop, it is easy for me to get motivated to work.

  • So much storage

My laptop has 256 GB of storage and I am not even halfway through that usage. Now MacBook Pros come with 1TB.

Macbook Pros are definitely an investment. New MacBook Pros start at $1300 dollars. If you have a lot of other Apple products and work in a creative industry, like photography or social media content creation, then it is definitely worth saving up for. If you only use a computer to pay bills and browse the web, then I would recommend saving your money and getting a Dell.

What kind of computer do you have? Do you prefer desktops, laptops, or tablets? Let me know in the comments!

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