5 Best Places to Write for the Most Productivity

5 Places to Write

Sometimes when you hit writer’s block, a change in environment / scenery can be the perfect antidote. Here are a few places you can write instead of on your bed or in your office.

  1. The Beach

There is nothing more peaceful than writing to the soundtrack of crashing waves. 

  1. The Library

The library is one of the most motivational environments to write in. Everybody around you is focused on their work, so it is easy to fall into the same habit. 

  1. Coffee Shop

Writing in a coffee shop, like the Starbucks at Barnes and Noble, has a cozy feel to it. It is easy to sit for hours, sipping on a coffee as you write.

  1. A Park

If you do not have access to a beach, a park is just as good. Sometimes getting some fresh air is all that is needed for inspiration.

  1. Another Room

Moving to the kitchen or another room in the house that you do not usually write in will give you fresh eyes to continue your writing. 

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