“Karma Handled It” Poem of the Day (2022)

Karma Handled It

By Ashley O’Hare

You never grew out

of your childish phases.

You tell me to grow up

from your mom’s basement.

It was not a full lie

when I said I wanted you to go places.

It’s not my fault you didn’t consider

lock up to be on my list of ideal destinations. 

You can give me a call

when you are on the inside.

I will accept the charges

to laugh over your argumentative spite.

Then I’ll go to bed,

tuck myself in,

and finally get some sleep—

you know how long it has been

since the nightmares began haunting me.

I would have gone to every trial,

made my statement, 

and waited for the final consensus.

But karma handled it,

took you away from me,

and gave me back my sleep.

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