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‘Outlast’ (2013) is Still a Great Video Game

Outlast Game Review

This 2013 horror game developed by Red Barrels garnered a lot of attention during the first year of its release. Nearly a decade later it is now a series with a DLC, a sequel, and another game in development. Available to play on Playstation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, and PC— this game is worth a play through. 


This game is visually stunning from the very first cut scene. If you want to elevate the horror experience, play with the lights in your room turned off. The attention to detail to every character is chilling. There is a night vision feature to help you see in the dark that was a clever addition to elevate the game. The clean movement mechanics make it easy for you to run through the asylum without getting dizzy. 


Outlast has a clear story line that is easy to follow. The game is summarized on the as :

 “In the remote mountains of Colorado, horrors wait inside Mount Massive Asylum. A long-abandoned home for the mentally ill, recently re-opened by the “research and charity” branch of the transnational Murkoff Corporation, has been operating in strict secrecy… until now.

Acting on a tip from an inside source, independent journalist Miles Upshur breaks into the facility, and what he discovers walks a terrifying line between science and religion, nature and something else entirely. Once inside, his only hope of escape lies with the terrible truth at the heart of Mount Massive.”

The story is moved along with the help of other characters in the game who provide exposition. The voice acting in Outlast is phenomenal and keeps you in the horror mindset. There are a collection of hidden documents and notes that your character, Miles Upshur, writes that add depth to the story. 


Your character is easy to control, making this game playable for anybody— not just gamers. Though it is a single player game, it is fun to play with family and friends. Taking turns and watching as your friends get scared makes for a fun playing experience. I would highly recommend playing Outlast in the Halloween season. 

Outlast costs $20.00 with combo packs varying in price.

Have you played Outlast? What console is your favorite to game on? Let me know in the comments!

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