Why a Stationary Bike is a Great Investment

Why a Stationary Bike is a Good Investment

Last year I picked up a stationary bike while I was out shopping. It was less than $200, so I didn’t feel too bad about the initial gamble. Typically when I go to the gym, I use the treadmill for my cardio. Before this bike, I had never used a stationary exercise bike since middle school. Having it around has made a huge difference to my daily routine.

Bikes in general are more space efficient than many other pieces of exercise equipment. I happened to buy a bike that folds, so it takes up even less space in my room. This bike has allowed me to multitask in a way other exercise equipment does not. If I am in a pinch, I can read or do some work on my iPad while I am exercising. If I am enjoying a relaxing day, I can watch Gilmore Girls while biking. 

The bike itself is quiet, so it will not bother any roommates you may have. Though going out to the gym is nice and gets you out of the house, it is always good to have a way to stay active from home. On days where it is pouring buckets of rain or snowing, I do not have the motivation to bundle up for a trip to the gym. This bike helps me stay motivated to move, regardless of the outside world. With gas prices increasing, it puts my mind at ease to know I can get my simple workouts in at home. 

From the practicality of the simple workout to the luxury of multitasking, I am glad I made the investment last year. 

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