8 Best Things to Keep in Your Purse

Things to Keep in Your Purse

Whether you are grabbing your purse to head to work, out to shop, or for a road trip there are some things that are helpful to keep on hand. 

  • Gum / Mints

Gum and mints are great to keep around, particularly after meals.

  • A Bottle of Water

If you have a water bottle that can fit in your purse without the risk of it spilling, it is handy to keep it around.

  • A Snack

A granola bar makes a great portable snack for either you or a friend. 

  • Feminine Products

Having a few pads or tampons at the ready, regardless of your cycle, is a smart move. You never know if you are going to start early or if a friend needs one. 

  • Hand Sanitizer

These past few years have proved that having disinfectant around is important. The amount of dirty surfaces we touch in public on a daily basis makes it crucial that we keep our hands clean to prevent sickness.

  • Headphones

Whether you decide to have an impromptu trip to the gym or find yourself studying in the library, you’ll be wishing you had headphones with you. 

  • Phone Charger

A charger is especially important for your safety. You never want to be stuck with a dead phone when you need to make a call or set your GPS.

  • Quarters

From pay tolls to a quick fast food meal, quarters are nice to have around as a back up.

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