Neutrogena’s New Serum Foundation is the Perfect Makeup Base

Neutrogena Sensitive Skin / Healthy Skin Serum Foundation Product Review

For the past couple of months, I have been trying a new foundation. I used to use a BB Cream by Tarte Cosmetics. While I loved that product, spending $40 on my makeup base adds up quickly when you wear makeup most days. While I was shopping at Target, I checked their cosmetics section for a less expensive dupe. In cones Neutrogena’s new Serum Foundations for only $15 to solve all of my problems. 


$15 for a foundation is hard to beat, especially for the quality of the product. 

Shade Diversity:

Available in 15 different shades, the chances that you will find one to match your skin tone is greater than most drugstore products. Having pale skin has made it difficult for me to find a match in the past— many BB creams and foundations look too yellow on my skin. I use the shade Light 01 and it matches perfectly. This serum foundation blends into my skin so well, it is nearly impossible to tell that I am wearing makeup.


I always moisturize my face before applying any makeup, but this foundation has vitamin B5 in it to help with the healthy skin look I am looking for. 

Sensitive Skin:

I have struggled a lot with acne in the past. Neutrogena has been the one brand that I have stood by for years. Both their acne treatment products and their makeup work wonders on my skin. I used to shy away from foundations, but this serum gives me light-medium coverage without causing any breakouts. 


I like to use a damp beauty sponge for a natural, dewey finish, but you can easily blend this foundation with clean hands or a foundation brush as well. The serum bottle makes it easy to apply in a rush without having to swatch the foundation onto the back of your hand. 

The bottle itself says it is “formulated without fragrance, dyes, paragons, phthalates, alcohol, or sulfates” if that is something you are looking for in a foundation.

Have you tried Neutrogena’s Serum Foundation? Let me know in the comments!

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