8 Simple Acting Tips to Help Begin Your Career

Acting Tips

For years I tried to break into the acting industry. Though I did not get my “big break”, I did succeed in booking a few jobs. Over the years, I have come up with a series of tips to take the first few steps when you are starting at the ground level. I hope they help!

  • Practice Every Day

“Practice makes perfect” is a saying that we have heard since childhood. Acting is not an exception to this advice. You can find a large collection of monologues online, find one you like, and practice reading it out loud. Take some time to practice crying on command or research new techniques. 

  • Expand Your Comfort Zone

Performing in front of a large group of people can be intimidating. Making an effort to gradually expand your comfort zone will help you feel more confident on stage or on set. This can be anything from switching from self-checkout to one with a cashier and interacting in small-talk to taking a new fitness class.

  • Practice Memorization

Memorization is a huge part of acting. Honing in on that skill will help you to excel in your auditions. Find a memorization technique that works for you and memorize some monologues / scenes. 

  • Pursue Your Hobbies

Your hobbies will help make you stand out from the crowd. If you like playing a sport or playing an instrument, make time in your schedule to keep those skills fresh. You never know when a role will come up that will align with your hobbies, whether that character is an archer or a pianist. 

  • Find Local Communities / FaceBook Groups

You can find many acting classes and short film auditions within your own community to add some experience to your resume. 

  • Post on Social Media

Nowadays having a social media presence helps you in the audition room. Back when I was applying to roles on, one of the initial questions of the application was “How many followers do you have on Instagram?” Think about how many celebrities are now on TikTok, using the platform to remain relevant between their projects and to better connect to their fanbases. 

  • Study Your Role Models

Think about your favorite actors and why you enjoy watching them on screen. Watch some of their projects with fresh eyes and analyze their techniques. Jot down some notes to apply in your own auditions. 

  • Make Sure You Truly Enjoy It

The film industry is known to be a tough one to break into. Though the lives of celebrities seem glamorous on social media, make sure you enjoy acting as an art before you invest time and money into your career. If you are not passionate about the industry, you may run into a burnout quickly.

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