“In Due Time” Poem of the Day (2022)

In Due Time

By Ashley O’Hare

Traveling back in time

I found a thirteen year old

lost and alone with bloodshot eyes.

She has not slept all day—

it’s written on her blotchy red face.

The discomfort of her body is evident

as she picks incessantly at her skin.

If it wouldn’t alter the future,

I would spoil her with reassurances.

I would show her music that will quiet her mind.

I would give her the good tissues—

the ones that wouldn’t burn her nose when she cried.

I would give her a cream

to repel the insecurities crawling over her body.

Alas, all I can do is sit

with the trifle comfort that,

in due time,

she will solve the problems

that exist only in her mind. 

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