“Animal Crossing: New Horizons” Tips and Tricks

Animal Crossing: New Horizons Tips (Nintendo Switch)

Animal Crossing: New Horizons has been out for 2 years now. There are some tips and tricks that are not directly given to players when they begin working on their island.

  • Bury 10,000 Bells into glowing hole to grow a 30,000 Bell money tree.

When you see the ground glowing, dig it up. You will receive 1,000 Bells. You can bury that same 1,000 Bells and grow a money tree that will earn you 3,000 Bells. If you have more on you, you can bury 10,000 Bells to grow a 30,000 money tree instead. Some players have found success burying 99,000 Bells and tripling the value in the tree, but I have not personally tried it. 

  • Dig a couple of holes behind you when hitting rocks.

Sometimes when you are hitting rocks for supplies or money, your character will bounce too far backwards and cause you to miss out on materials. Placing an item behind you or digging a couple of holes will prevent your character from bouncing out of the area.

  • Carry a net while shaking trees to catch wasps.

Getting stung by a wasp and having to craft or buy medicine can get irritating. Instead, carry a net with you while you shake trees so you can be prepared to catch the wasps and sell them.

  • Save bugs in your storage for Flick.

Flick buys bugs from you for 1.5x the amount that Nook’s Cranny offers. Hold onto your bugs in your storage until Flick visits your island to get the most money out of your work.

  • Save fish in your storage for CJ.

Just like Flick, CJ will pay 1.5x the amount that Nook’s Cranny offers. Save your fish until CJ visits to make more money.

  • Save bells on events by going to a friend’s island.

There are often Fishing Tourney’s and Bug-Offs taking place on your island. The first round is free, but after that you get charged a fee. You can avoid spending any bells on events by going to a friend’s island or inviting a friend over. The fee is automatically waived. 

  • Add another profile to buy multiple art pieces from Redd.

It doesn’t happen every time, but occasionally Redd will have more than one authentic piece of artwork on his boat. Since you can only purchase one piece of art from him a day, you would be missing out on another piece of the collection for your museum. If you create another profile on your island, you can buy the second piece of art on that character’s profile and get around the rule.

  • Check in at the ATM inside Residential Services to get extra miles.

The first day you check in at the ATM in Residential Services, you will receive 50 Nook Miles. This gradually increases until you get to 7 consecutive days. At that point, you will earn 300 Nook Miles a day. 

  • Earn Nook Miles for visiting a friend’s island.

Another way to earn Nook Miles without much effort is to visit a friend’s island. Upon arriving home, you will receive a Nook Miles bonus.

I hope this helps! Animal Crossing is my favorite Nintendo game series and I love spending even a few minutes a day on my little island. It is a very relaxing game that I highly recommend.

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