“Would You Rather” Poem of the Day (2022)

Would You Rather

By Ashley O’Hare

Would you rather

spend your days pulling yourself together,

or living freely for future moments?

Personally I would prefer the latter,

but I just can not seem to climb high enough.

My legs were not made to withstand the pressure;

my arms are not long enough to reach the next rung—

so I lie and soak in a bubbling tub,

coping with the fragmented solution of going numb.

I often dream of fantastical futures

where money appears out of the blue.

Long gone are the days of crying in my car

over heartbreaks and minimum payments due.

Then I wake up to the dim moonlight

and I roll over to cry into my pillow all night.

None of my dreams have come true,

no matter the work I put in to bring them to fruition.

My nightmares pay rent in my brain too

and they pay no attention to notices of eviction.

I would rather live my life in freedom,

but first I have to survive;

fighting demons along the way by my lonesome.

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