“Lesson Learned” Poem of the Day (2022)

Lesson Learned

By Ashley O’Hare

I have met many frogs

in my search of the lost prince. 

The first one I kissed

turned out to be a ghastly dragon.

Giving him the benefit of the doubt

was my worst mistake.

My heart convinced me

that boundaries are rude

and there is no such thing as “instinct.”

By the time my brain joined the discussion,

his claws were digging deep into my chest. 

Against medical advice, I escaped his grasp.

I’m still bleeding out.

I have tried every band-aid,

every brand of gauze,

and every suture under the sun.

The only option remaining

is cauterization. 

Just one more burn

and I’ll be free.

Just one more burn

and I’ll have learned my lesson.

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