Best Things to Come From the 2020 Pandemic

Good Things to Come From the Pandemic

I want to preface this by saying the last thing I want to do is make light of such a serious situation. There has been a lot of darkness these past few years, so I wanted to point out some things on the glass half full side.

  1. Netflix Party Chrome Extension

I believe Netflix Party already existed prior to the pandemic, but the Google Chrome extension was created at the start of it all in March 2020. This feature allowed Netflix users to simultaneously watch Netflix with friends and family without being in the same house. It syncs the movie to everyone’s devices so you do not have to worry about everyone pressing play at the same time. I believe there have been other extensions to come out for Disney+ and YouTube as well. 

  1. Masks for the Sick

Due to mask mandates, it would be incredibly difficult to find a household without a mask now. In the future, people have a mask to put on if they have the flu and have to go out into the public.

  1. Family Time

With so many establishments closed down, we were spending quite a bit of time in our homes in 2020. This was a great opportunity to reconnect with our families. It can be so easy to take stability for granted in life. Spending more time with loved ones is incredibly important and grounding.

  1. Online School

Online school has become more common since 2020. This can be a great alternative for people who travel a lot or hold a full time job. Having the ability to attend classes virtually is a great option to have available. 

  1. Mental Health Awareness

Due to the entire world going through the uncertainty together, we all experienced the effects together as well. Conversations regarding taking care of one’s mental health have been everywhere— online and in person. 

  1. Time to Get to Know Yourself

Being stuck in our homes for quarantine also gave us time to get to know ourselves. When the world slowed down, we got to look inward and reevaluate our lives. 

  1. Work From Home Jobs

On the same idea as online school, work from home jobs are another great option that became widespread during the beginning of the pandemic. Parents who want to stay home with their kids and have a steady income now have some new jobs to choose from. 

  1. Appreciation of the Little Things

When everything you know is taken away from you, it naturally makes you appreciate what you have more. Medicine, food, family, friends, and our hobbies were some of the things to keep us going during these troubling times. 

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