Top 5 Best Study Tips to Use Now

5 Best Study Tips

Here are five of my favorite study tips that can be applied to any class or grade level.

  1. Listen to Instrumental Music

Listening to music helps with concentration, but it is easy to get distracted by our favorite songs. If I were to study to Taylor Swift, I would drop my flash cards and start belting out Cruel Summer. Instrumental music makes it feel like you are studying in a movie. Try looking up the score to your favorite films. I have always turned to The Hunger Games musical scores. 

  1. Use Bright Colors in Your Notes

Using multiple colors in your notes helps to break them up. Keep an assortment of pens and highlighters with you while studying whenever possible. 

  1. Take Breaks

To avoid burning yourself out, schedule out some breaks. Set an alarm for twenty minutes and study until the alarm goes off. Do something fun and stretch or grab a snack. Your brain needs rest, regardless of how much information you need to cram. 

  1. Read Definitions Out Loud

Reading your definitions over and over in your head will help, but saying them out loud helps them to stick into your brain.

  1. Change Up Your Scenery

I made the mistake of always studying on my bed. While it is comfortable, I had a hard time not rolling over and taking a nap. Change things up and study at the library, the kitchen table, or even outside. Getting some fresh air also helps to keep you awake and alert.

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