Top 5 Reasons Why I Will Never Travel Alone

Why I Refuse to Travel Alone

I remember when I was younger, I would watch countless YouTube videos of people visiting exotic locations. The idea of exploring a new country and learning about the culture sounded amazing. As I grew up, I thought that I wanted to travel the world. I would read “Things to do Before You Turn 20” lists and always see taking a solo trip front and center. Recently that dream I had has turned into a nightmare. 

  • New places make me nervous

I like exploring new areas, but I do not like not knowing where I am. If I take the wrong turn in my home town and cannot find the gas station I was driving to, I panic. Having somebody I trust nearby is how I feel comfortable trying something new. I like having everything planned out. There are so many factors out of my control when it comes to traveling. A storm could delay my flight and there is absolutely nothing I could do about it. 

  • I do not feel safe alone

Maybe I have seen too many episodes of Criminal Minds, but I have trust issues when it comes to strangers. Being in a place where I do not know anybody does not sound like something that would bring me joy. 

  • I would get bored easily

I believe experiences should be shared with others. Sightseeing in Paris would be an extraordinary experience on its own, but I would feel like a piece was missing if I was alone. I would want my family with me so we could bask in awe together. 

  • I would miss my family

I am a family person, so I would miss my family if I made a habit of traveling often. I tend to get homesick easily, so that would put quite the damper on what is supposed to be a fun trip. 

  • I like my routines

This goes hand and hand with what I was saying about being nervous. I am a huge planner. When something shakes up my schedule, it throws me for a loop. When I am alone, having strict routines makes me feel safer. If I wanted to have a freeing, spontaneous trip, then I would need someone with me. 

I am in no way trying to deter anybody from traveling alone. If you want to see the world on your own time, go for it! I wish I could stop overthinking things so much. My younger self would probably be disappointed to find out that I still lack a passport. I thought I would be an actress filming movies abroad by now, but I suppose life had a different plan. If you too cannot travel alone, hopefully you take some comfort in knowing you are not alone. 

Are you a solo traveler or do you like traveling in a group? Let me know in the comments!

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