Midnight Sun By Stephenie Meyer (2020) Spoiler Free Book-Talk

Midnight Sun by Stephenie Meyer Book-Talk

Title: Midnight Sun

Author: Stephenie Meyer
Page Count:

Genre: Young Adult Fiction (Romance / Fantasy) 

Published: August 4, 2020


Midnight Sun is a retelling of the 2005 novel Twilight. Instead of hearing the story from Bella Swan’s perspective, it is told through Edward Cullen’s point of view. The familiar plot begins at the same place; 17 year old Bella returning to Forks, Washington and attending her first day of school. This time, readers get to peek into life as a mind reading vampire in a small town.

My Thoughts:

I found Midnight Sun to be an overall fun read. The Twilight Saga as a whole is incredibly over-hated in my opinion. The story is a great escape from reality filled with captivating characters and a unique twist on mythology. Reading the story through Edward Cullen’s point of view was a cool concept to begin with. After all, who wouldn’t want to see what life as a vampire in the modern world is like? Since Edward does not need to sleep, many gaps of information from the original book are filled in. Midnight Sun also dives deeper into Edward’s personal history becoming a vampire and living with Carlisle. 

If you are a die-hard fan of the series, you will enjoy the length of the book. A nearly 700 page novel means there is a copious amount of time to dig deep into Edward’s thoughts, particularly when it comes to Bella. As a casual reader of the series, the book may feel too long. Twilight is around 119,000 words, whereas Midnight Sun clocks in at around 240,000 words. Both books take place within the same bracket of time— between Bella’s arrival to Forks and the school dance at the end of the year. 

If I was to be extremely picky about this book, I would say that I was hoping for more explanations. How exactly do some of the Cullens have powers? Why doesn’t every vampire have a special talent? What exactly makes Bella’s mind and blood special? Why do the Cullens choose to go to high school? I was also hoping for more scenes of Edward using his mind reading powers. 

On the brighter side, I think this book did wonders for Bella as a character. There are certain things she does that Edward notices that paint her to be a selfless and kind person. This book gave her more of a unique personality while still keeping her as a believable teenage girl. 

All in all, though a bit long, the book is a lot of fun and worth it for any fan of the series. Unless they decided to completely remake the Twilight series, I cannot see them making Midnight Sun into a movie. The story is far too similar to the original and the actors are too old for their characters now. 

Have you read Midnight Sun? Would you want the Twilight movies to be remade? Let me know in the comments!

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