Gray Mountain By John Grisham Spoiler Free Book Talk

Gray Mountain by John Grisham Book Talk

Title: Gray Mountain

Author: John Grisham

Genre: Legal Thriller

Page Count: 368

Published: October 21, 2014 by DoubleDay


When the 2008 Recession hits, people are losing their jobs left and right. Samantha Kofer, a lawyer at a grand law firm in Wall Street, finds herself being let go from the job that provided a comfortable Manhattan lifestyle. Her firm presents a deal: she can intern for free at a legal aid clinic for twelve months and she gets to keep some of her benefits as well as hold onto a slight chance of being offered her job back at the end of the year without losing seniority. 

Samantha takes the deal and ends up in the small town of Brady, Virginia. Working closely with clients who desperately need her help proves to be a wake up call. Windows are opened for Samantha to see into the dark world of coal mining and its effect on the surrounding population.

My Thoughts:

This book reminds me of a bit of Gilmore Girls crossed with How to Get Away with Murder. It is filled with the small-town feel; both the intimacy and the annoying reminder that nothing is secret when everyone knows each other. The lawyers Samantha finds herself around do not always play by the book— a change from her last job. 

John Grisham proves once again that he is a fantastic storyteller. I loved the feeling of not knowing where the story was going next. Every plot twist was so organic to the story and added some harsh realism. This book forces you to open your eyes to tragedies you may not otherwise have known existed. 

There is some romance sprinkled throughout the story, but nothing too detailed. The violence included in the story is not graphic either, so you should be all set if you are on the squeamish side. The book does include a lot of sad stories and death, so you may want some tissues if you are sensitive to those things. 

All in all I cannot rave about John Grisham’s writing enough. 

Have you read Gray Mountain? Comment your thoughts below!

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