My Top 5 Best iPad Apps (Under $10)

Top 5 Apps I Use on my iPad

Recently I have been using my iPad more frequently. Having a larger screen than my phone, most apps are easier to use on the iPad. Here are my top 5 most used apps:

  1. Notes

Ever since I got an Apple Pencil, I use the Notes app frequently. I like using the app to create my daily check lists, brainstorm writing ideas, and keep track of growing lists like the books I’ve read, etc. Using this app has saved me from filling a lot of pages in random journals. Though typing is more efficient, writing things down by hand is how I most like to keep track of things. There is something about it that makes me more productive. 

  1. Books

Whether it is the iBooks app or the Barnes and Noble Nook app, I find myself opening them often. I was gifted a Nook when I was younger and was relieved to find that all of those books could be read straight from my iPad. I still have my Nook and it works great, but I tend to carry my iPad around with me more often. I like having both apps at the ready so I can compare book prices. Sometimes the Nook app will be running a deal that the Apple iBooks app isn’t, or vice versa. Both apps also have free books that pop up frequently, so I like to check those often. 

  1. Procreate

I am by no means an artist, but I do enjoy doodling. Procreate was the first app I downloaded when I got my iPad. I had heard so many rave reviews from artists and graphic designers, so I wanted to give it a try myself. It is fun to experiment with different colors and brush textures. I still prefer drawing with pencil on paper, but Procreate is great for traveling when I am limited to what I can fit into my backpack.

  1. Spider Solitaire 

I used to always have a deck of cards sitting around when I was growing up. I was taught early on how to play solitaire and immediately loved it. Now I don’t tend to have physical playing cards on me, so I downloaded a Solitaire app. Though I like both regular Solitaire and Spider Solitaire, I tend to play Spider Solitaire more often. This game is great for getting my mind off of any hectic days or clearing my head of stress. I could play for hours without getting bored. 

  1. Spotify

Listening to music while I work keeps me motivated, so Spotify is utilized a lot. I prefer using Spotify on my iPad rather than my phone when I do not have Spotify Premium. Though you still get ads with the free version, the app allows you to choose any specific song you want to listen to on the iPad. Contrarily, the phone version only allows you to shuffle playlists. I have a lot of fun creating my own playlists when I am bored or finding new rainfall podcasts to fall asleep to. 

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