“1984” by George Orwell Spoiler Free Book Talk

1984 by George Orwell Book Talk

Title: 1984

Author: George Orwell

Genre: Dystopian Fiction / Political Fiction

Page Count: 312

Published: June 8, 1949 by Secker & Warburg


The Party sees all and dictates everything. If they want to rewrite history, then history will be rewritten. 1984 follows a man at the bottom ranks of The Party, Winston Smith. He is in charge of erasing history and replacing it with lies that The Party demands of him. As he begins to think for himself, he is putting his life in grave danger. The Party is everywhere and knows everything. Nobody gets away with freedom of thought.

My Thoughts:

1984 has been on my reading bucket list for years. When I took a Dystopian Fiction class in high school, this George Orwell novel was one of the books my teacher had mentioned. It is interesting that a common them among classic dystopian novels is the theme of being watched. Now we all own devices with cameras— our smartphones, laptops, tablets, and even some gaming devices. It is terrifying to think of how much our society has changed. It seems like we are now closer to living in a dystopia than the life that was the norm in the 1950’s.

The beginning of this book grips you instantly. The setting is clearly described and makes you feel as though you live there too. It becomes evident that Winston is living dangerously as he exercises his freedom of thought. The suspense every time he leaves the house or is in front of a camera is almost anxiety inducing. 

There is a romance plot line that takes up much of the middle of the book. In the context of the story, the closer the pair get the more stressed readers are. 

The ending is ruthless and more difficult to read for those faint of heart. 

Overall I thoroughly enjoyed the novel. Its take on themes of power and surveillance is unlike anything else I have read in dystopian novels. 

Have you read 1984? Comment your thoughts below!

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