Top 10 Taylor Swift Songs On My Playlist Now

My Top 10 Favorite Taylor Swift Songs at the Moment

For as long as I can remember, Taylor Swift’s music has been on my playlist. Whether it was my old mp3 player, my YouTube favorites, or Spotify playlists, her music has been on there. Here are the ten songs that are on my current playlist. 

  1. Tolerate It (Album: Evermore)

I think this song is incredibly underrated. One of the top reasons why Taylor Swift is my favorite artist is her ability to tell a story through her music. Tolerate It is a prime example of that ability. 

  1. Safe and Sound (Album: The Hunger Games – Songs from District 12 and Beyond)

This song was featured on The Hunger Games soundtrack for the first movie. That series will always hold a special place in my heart. Whenever I hear Safe and Sound, I am flooded with nostalgia. 

  1. Enchanted (Album: Speak Now)

This song started trending on TikTok a while back and reignited my love for it. It is one of those songs that you belt out in the car with the windows down. 

  1. Back to December (Album: Speak Now)

Back to December made me feel like I was struggling through a break up before I was even in a relationship. 

  1. How You Get the Girl (Album: 1989)

I had this song on my phone back when I was entering high school. I can vividly remember putting my headphones in and this song popping up from my playlist when I was walking to class. The beat never fails to make me feel happy. 

  1. Red (Album: Red)

Red will always be in my top 10 favorite songs. This song makes me want to experience everything there is to feel about love— all of the ups and downs. 

  1. The Way I Loved You (Album: Fearless)

Another song that is perfect to sing obnoxiously in the car. 

  1. The Very First Night (Album: Red – Taylor’s Version)

The Very First Night reminds me of summer nights, particularly the summer after high school ended.

  1. Message in a Bottle (Album: Red – Taylor’s Version)

I kept hearing this song come up on shuffle when I would write or clean my room, but I kept forgetting to check to title. This song always lifts my spirits when I need a little pick me up. 

  1. Champagne Problems (Album: Evermore)

Champagne Problems is another song that has a cleverly told story attached to the lyrics. The piano adds an elegance to the song that does not distract from the words. I cannot listen to this song enough. 

Are you a fan of Taylor Swift? Comment your favorite song.

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