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8 Important Life Lessons in “Gilmore Girls”

Gilmore Girls Life Lessons

Gilmore Girls quickly became my favorite show. I have now watched the 2000’s drama all the way through five times. Though the comforting tone of the show is what initially gravitated me to watching it, the life lessons sprinkled throughout the seven seasons and revival have stuck with me the most. Here are eight of those lessons that stand out to me every time I think about this show:

Warning: Spoilers Ahead

  1. It is not always enough to do only what is asked of you. 

This lesson is shown through the character of Rory Gilmore several times throughout the series. When she is graduating from Chilton, she is hesitant to enter a speech contest because it is not a required assignment. Her mother, Lorelai, directly asks her if she will go through life only doing what is asked of her. She ends up entering the contest and winning. Unfortunately for Rory, this lesson does not sticking with her. During her first internship as a journalist, she is criticized by her boss for not speaking up during meetings and going beyond her call of duty. 

  1. College does not automatically equal a job.

College is a major talking point of the show. Rory is academically driven and tends to expect others to be the same way. Unfortunately, even after graduating from Yale, we find her character unemployed in the revival. On the other hand, her mother was able to make a living working her way up at the Independence Inn. She does end up getting a degree at the local community college, but she was successful before finishing her classes. 

  1. Hard work and dedication will pay off.

Lorelai poured everything into opening her own inn. All of her blood, sweat, tears, and money eventually paid off due to her perseverance. Over a decade after opening her inn, it is still open and thriving.

  1. Money does not equal happiness.

A large part of the show is the clear difference between Lorelai’s world and the world in which her parents live. Lorelai leaves the world of money and high class society to live in a small town. After going off on her own, she finds more happiness in the more modest setting. 

  1. Communication is key.

Ninety percent of the issues in Gilmore Girls could have been solved or prevented with proper communication. Telling the truth and clearing up misconceptions is important to keep relationships healthy and functional.

  1. Family does not equal blood.

The family you are born with is not where family ends. Lorelai found a tight-knit community in Stars Hollow that became her family. 

  1. It is important to follow your own path.

Lorelai went off on her own as a teenager to find happiness for herself and for her daughter. She followed her heart and left her life of luxury to be independent. You will never make everybody in your life happy with your decisions, so focus on making yourself happy.

  1. It is important to take responsibility for your actions. 

From cheating in relationships to turning down stable jobs, Gilmore Girls covers a lot of situations where the characters should take responsibility for their actions. Nobody is perfect, but you cannot simply sweep your mistakes under the rug. 

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