“Heart vs Gut” Poem of the Day (2022)

“Heart vs Gut”

By Ashley O’Hare

I was too worried about my dress

to notice your lines of stress.

I’m sorry.

I didn’t want to look a mess.

I didn’t want to be your damsel in distress.

Enough about me.

Why didn’t you tell me how you felt?

I could have been your shoulder when you were down.

Was your biggest problem having me around?

Unclench your fists-

you know you won’t miss.

Open your mouth-

do you want me to stay with you now?

Release my shoulder-

I can see your brown eyes getting colder.

The best for you

or the best for me-

they no longer align so simply.

My heard does not want to leave,

but my gut is screaming to flee.

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